Too many with their head in the sand and a chip on their shoulder

Re “A 'deplorable’ talks about what he deplores” (Letters, Nov. 28): Among the greatest perils to democracy are those citizens who go about their lives with their head in the sand and a chip on their shoulder. Many continue down this path, influenced by sound bites, and not looking into the substance of the argument. Granted, the Robert Mueller inquiry was questionable. But Brett Kavanaugh got a bye; he was a flawed candidate.

Regardless of what one thought of the House Intelligence Committee inquiries led by chairman Adam Schiff, insurmountable and credible evidence was provided by witnesses of impeccable character. One has to give serious consideration to the information in determining whether this president has overstepped his bounds and to what detriment to this nation.


“I love the poorly educated,” Donald Trump said during one of his 2016 campaign speeches. Don’t let him make a fool out of you.

Ted Zicko

East Sandwich