Blind date: ‘I was a pool lifeguard; pool lifeguards are inferior to ocean lifeguards’

Will these two former lifeguards high dive or belly-flop?

Heath Carmichael and Ali Hart.
Heath Carmichael and Ali Hart.

HEATH CARMICHAEL: 23 / project manager

ON A DESERT ISLAND, HE’D BRING: Spotify, a surfboard, and a library

HIS HOBBIES: He runs a Facebook page dedicated to memes about beets

ALI HART: 24 / legislative aide

ON A DESERT ISLAND, SHE’D BRING: Netflix, weighted blanket, and her skin-care regimen

HER HOBBIES: She runs a celebrity gossip newsletter



Heath I missed the commuter train from Providence, so I hopped on Amtrak and hoped the conductor wouldn’t ask for a ticket (he did not!).

Ali I did laundry, had a drink with my roommate, and listened to Lizzo. My Uber driver gave me a pep talk on the way.


Heath They seated me, then came over with Alison. She was tall, and I liked her shirt — it was blue but had flowers on it.

Ali He was dressed nicely. Looks good in light blue. Great smile.


Heath We talked about the differences between Providence and Boston, and ordered margaritas. We talked about lifeguarding, diving, and water polo. She’s from California and used to be an ocean lifeguard and water polo player. I was a diver and pool lifeguard; pool lifeguards are inferior to ocean lifeguards.

Ali We both swam and lifeguarded in high school, so we covered a lot of aquatic ground. It took everything in me to not ask his zodiac sign, but friends told me that it would be weird. I’m assuming he’s an Aquarius.

Heath We both ordered two tacos and split an order of chips and guac. I wish I had ordered more food.

Ali I’m going to go out on a limb here and say we were probably both way more hungry than for just two tacos. The food was really good — I will go back for the pork belly.


Heath Things felt really comfortable from the start. She is a great conversationalist, which is a great trait in my opinion.

Ali I never noticed a lag in the conversation, and we definitely shared a few laughs.


Heath After dinner, we decided to get a drink at Trillium.

Ali I had brought Trillium up when he asked me my favorite spots in the city, and it’s across the street, so we ended up going for one more drink. We both ordered the same beer, which was wild to me since it’s a large menu and he had never been before.

Heath Soon it was last call, and bars in Boston do this really lovely thing where they turn the lights on really bright and tell everyone to leave. I waited with her for her Uber, then walked to the train station. We said goodbye with a kiss, and I gave her my number if she wants to text me.

Ali We were together for about four hours. It did feel like the night was winding down by the time we said our goodbyes.


Heath I am not sure how much we have in terms of common interests — we briefly discussed TV and movies and didn’t have many overlapping interests. If we were to go on another date, I would probably ask more about what she likes to do.

Ali I know it’s corny, but I just didn’t feel any intense romantic connection. I don’t think I would pursue it romantically.



Heath / A-

Ali / A

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