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A column about 50 years of friendship strikes a chord with readers.

A Lasting Bond

Lloyd D. Benson’s “50 Years of Brotherhood” (Connections, November 3) was wonderful. I, too, am fortunate enough to have 11 high school pals who stay in touch with our annual street hockey game on Black Friday. This year was 44 years in a row. Friends come from as far as Colorado to play (and drink beer and eat pizza and catch up). We graduated in 1975, and hope to keep doing this forever. Knee, hip, and ankle replacements have not stopped us yet! We know we are in the minority of men who have bonds like this. We make it a priority.


Tom Morrissey

Harleysville, Pennsylvania

I am 32 years post-grad, and our group gets together every summer, though we are only half the size [of Benson’s]. Impressive and heartwarming to see 12 guys maintaining these friendships for so many years.

Maribeth Sanabria


I have a group of gals who I’ve been friends with for over 50 years. My best friend, Debby, and I have known each other for 61 years. I cherish these relationships. I always say, “Old friends are the best kind of friends.”

Robin Feinberg


Fourteen of us met at Boston College in 1973 and we know exactly how lucky you — and we — are. Through nearly 50 years of friendship, we have laughed, danced, talked, and cried through life’s ups and downs. We see each other as much as we can. Our group texts can lead to dozens if not hundreds of back and forth texts.

Katy Harrison Ostroff


Sent a copy to my grandson, who is a senior at Colby. I imagine the rugby team will take note of Benson’s article, as it seems they have already started the tradition. Also sent it camp friends. Our bunk met 74 years ago and we meet once or twice a year with our wives.


R Peter Shapiro


I wish I’d written sooner about my sisterhood of 80 years, ever since public kindergarten in Milton. There’s only a few of us who go back that far, but we have cultivated others along the way and still gather periodically. We all have the common bond of growing up in Milton, circa World War II. There’s a brotherhood of males from the same vintage and they plan an annual gathering including us.

Janet Costello Walsh


How timely Benson’s essay is for the four Sigmas who will celebrate our 50th homecoming in a few weeks. We, too, have managed to remain connected throughout the years despite complications of marriage, children, illness, careers, etc. We cherish our annual weekend to reconnect, support, console, and celebrate.

Mary Ellen Mackin



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