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A candy store for your Scandinavian sweet tooth

Sukker & Sweet, a new candy store in The Street Chestnut Hill, sells Scandinavian and European candy by the pound.Adam Gesuero

Step inside Sukker & Sweet and give yourself permission to indulge. The new candy boutique in The Street Chestnut Hill has scoop-your-own bins filled with candy sold by weight. There are nearly 250 varieties here, and they’re not ordinary. Swedish fish is actually from Sweden, and so is licorice simultaneously sweet and salty shaped like peace signs, and logs embedded with bits of rock candy. You’ll find Scandinavian gummies resembling tiny feet, squishy mushroom marshmallows, and sours (pick and mix for $16 a pound). Husband and wife team Michael and Greer Missouri opened the shop in October inspired by their love for these confections. “We would like to think of it as penny candy redefined,” says Michael, who grew up in Norway, where sweets sell everywhere by the pound. “You can even find it in gas stations,” he says. Scandinavian candy is made with natural flavorings and without corn syrup. They added choices from other countries, too: sugar-dusted rainbow squares made in Spain and gummy bears elevated by chili pepper from Italy. “We discovered amazing candy from many faraway destinations and decided to become a destination for global, quality sweets,” says Greer. There’s plenty of chocolate-covered indulgences here too: toffee, almonds, pretzel clusters, potato chips. Uncluttered with bright white walls, the store’s minimalist design allows a customer to focus on the multicolored treats. Included are vegan, kosher, and allergen-free sweets, and some packaged in clear jars to grab-and-go for a gift. Sukker is the Norwegian word for sugar. Greer says, “The store pays homage to Michael’s roots.” 43 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, www.sukkerandsweet.com.


Ann Trieger Kurland can be reached at anntrieger@gmail.com.