Arnold Coombs knows that parents tire of their young kids drowning pancakes in maple syrup, the waste, sticky fingers, and sticky bottle caps. He knows because when he’s in grocery stores, he often takes an informal poll among moms shopping. Coombs is a seventh-generation Vermont maple farmer, whose Coombs Family Farms in Brattleboro goes back to the mid-1800s. The annoyance of wasting good syrup, when you mean to pour just a reasonable portion, spurred him to launch an innovative product, Maple Stream, a can that sprays, rather than pours, his Grade A organic, amber maple syrup ($8 to $11). The 7-ounce recyclable container isn’t an aerosol and contains no propellants, Coombs says, but is pressurized and has a bag inside with the syrup. Press and hold the nozzle, and the can streams a portion-controlled amount, mess-free. He first noticed this type of vessel at a trade show. “We went with it because we knew a mom could give it to a 7-year-old, and they wouldn’t be able to pour too much,” says Coombs. Use it likewise to point and stream a bit of the rich maple syrup into a cocktail, onto a fillet of salmon, or over a dessert. Available at Pemberton Farms Marketplace, 2225 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, 617-491-2244; Debra’s Natural Gourmet, 98 Comm. Ave., West Concord, 978-371-7573; Roots Natural Foods, 100 Crawford St., Leominster, 978-534-7668, or go to www.coombsfamilyfarms.com.



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