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‘Little Women’ was filmed entirely in Mass. Here’s where pivotal scenes were shot

From left to right: Florence Pugh, Saoirse Ronan, and Emma Watson play Amy, Jo, and Meg March in "Little Women."Wilson Webb/Sony Pictures Entertainment

Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women,” which the Boston Society of Film Critics recently named best film of 2019, is a piece of local history. Not only is it more biographical than other interpretations of the text, it’s also more Massachusetts. Of the eight film adaptations of “Little Women” (there have also been plays, cartoons, musicals, and an opera), Gerwig’s is the first to base production around Concord.

“To shoot in Concord, in Massachusetts, in this area, in this environment, was really essential in how I wanted to build this movie,” Gerwig said earlier this month. “It’s significant. The place matters as much as anything. The same way it was meaningful to shoot ‘Dunkirk’ at Dunkirk, it was meaningful to shoot this movie here.”


Here’s a look at some of the locations where the movie’s pivotal scenes were shot.

Jo’s trip to a New York City theater was filmed at Boston’s Colonial Theatre.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff/David L Ryan, Globe Staff
The wealthy Moffat family’s house is Boston’s Prescott House, at 55 Beacon St.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff/David L Ryan, Globe Staff
After Meg gets married to John Brooke, she lives in a home that’s really the Fruitlands Museum, in Harvard.The Fruitlands Museum

When Amy is in Paris, she’s really at the Arnold Arboretum. . . Lane Turner/Globe Staff/The Boston Globe
. . .and at the Great House at the Crane Estate, in Ipswich.Wilson, Mark Globe Staff/The Boston Globe - The Boston Gl
Laurie proposes to Jo at Gibbet Hill, in Groton.Rathe, Joanne Globe Staff/The Boston Globe - The Boston Gl
If the Concord train station doesn’t look like it’s in Concord, it’s because it’s the Stoughton commuter rail station.Debee Tlumacki