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Which way is this guy swinging? The Internet can’t decide

ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

In 2015, the Internet gave us the dress. Last year, it was the Laurel or Yanny debate. This year, apparently, it’s a man on a swing.

A video of a man riding a swing on a snow-covered playground is leaving viewers sharply divided over whether the man is facing the building in front of him or away from it.

Eric Tucker told BuzzFeed he had recorded the video last February in Anchorage but didn’t post it until this past week. Tucker said he and his friends were on a snowboarding trip when they noticed the man on the swing, but the group couldn’t agree on which direction he was facing. Tucker took a video and later posted it to TikTok asking other users to settle the debate.


The video has since made its way to Twitter, where it’s been viewed more than 15 million times.

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