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Caught on video: Danvers employees battle shoplifters trying to steal Canada Goose jackets

A plot to steal $16,000 worth of winter jackets from a menswear store was foiled Thursday morning when employees of the store fought back against the group of alleged thieves.

Alan Gibeley, the owner of Giblees on Route 114 in Danvers, said it all started a little before 11 a.m., when four women and a man walked into his store single-file and headed straight for the Canada Goose jackets.

“They marched into the store in single file, dancing and making light of what they were going to do,” Gibeley said in a telephone interview. “Like, ‘we’re going to take your coats, and there’s nothing you can do.’”


Employees foil plot to steal winter coats from Danvers clothing store
A brazen attempt to steal Canada Goose jackets from Giblees menswear store in Danvers was captured on video. (Courtesy of Alan Gibeley)

“These jackets are 80 feet from the door,” he said. “They were brazen enough to walk through the entire store.”

Gibeley said the Canada Goose jackets at his store cost anywhere from $700 to $1,500 each, and they’ve been targeted by shoplifters multiple times in the past, he said.

“It’s amazing how uncaring they are,” he said. “We’re all so sick of it happening.”

When the group of would-be thieves grabbed 16 Canada Goose jackets and started running for the door, Gibeley and his employees sprang into action. A wild scene ensued, as the employees attempted to stop them from leaving with the merchandise.

“It was just instinctual,” he said. “We were able to run up and block the vestibule.”

The chaotic scene was captured on video by the store’s security cameras.

“They ended up getting one coat,” he said.

Gibeley said one store employee, a man in his 60s, was hurt in the fracas and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. He has since been released and is recovering from some cuts and bruises, he said.

Gibeley said they were able to wrestle 15 jackets out of the shoplifters’ hands and get a good look at their getaway car, which ultimately led to their arrest.


Lt. Michael Kmiec of the Lynn Police Department said the vehicle was an Acura registered to a Lynn address, and State Police and Lynn officers were in the area waiting for it to return. State Police stopped the Acura around noon and the five suspects were placed under arrest.

Adriana James, 23, of Jamaica Plain; Bryon Vaughn, 23, of Dorchester; Mekeda McKenzie, 19, of Dorchester; Kashawanni Obrien, 20, of Mattapan; and Lynasja Trimble, 20, of Mattapan, were courtesy booked in Lynn and then transported to the Danvers Police Department, according to Kmiec.

The suspects were arraigned Friday in Salem District Court, according to the Essex District Attorney’s office. All were charged with larceny by single scheme. James, Vaugh, and Trimble were also charged with assault and battery on a person over 65 with injury.

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