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Protest of Boston police trip to Israel stirs controversy

City has much to learn from Israel to combat terrorism

The Jewish Voice of Peace is an extreme left-wing group of misguided individuals who in no way represent the Jewish community or, for that matter, American values (“City police urged to pull out of Israel trip,” Metro, Dec. 24). They are apologists for terrorists, and they do everything they can to harm Israel in the public arena. They are calling for Boston police officials to withdraw from a counterterrorism leadership program in Israel. Had this leadership program been offered in a country other than Israel, it is highly doubtful that there would have been these protests.

The Boston Police Department absolutely should take part in the program with the Israeli National Police. Our local law enforcement should take full advantage of the opportunity to share in the unique experience and expertise of Israel in combating the global problem of terrorism. This is something that already has tragically affected the city of Boston.

Contrary to the twisted beliefs of radical fringe groups such as those protesting, better-trained police would only improve community relations as well as keep us all safer.


S. Pearl


N.C. city’s ugly experience with protest should serve as a warning

As a member of the Jewish community of Durham, N.C., devastated by Jewish Voice for Peace, I urge all Bostonians to reject the dangerous propaganda behind the group’s “Deadly Exchange” campaign. Anti-Semitism resulted from Jewish Voice for Peace’s recklessly false linking of Israeli police exchanges with racial violence in Ferguson, Mo.

Although an investigation found no link to so-called militarized policing from Israeli police exchanges, the propaganda accomplished its task of inciting fear and creating mistrust. Some Jewish families opted to move away from the toxic environment created by Jewish Voice for Peace.

The fatal Jersey City shootings demonstrated the merging of anti-police and anti-Semitic views. Entertaining Jewish Voice for Peace’s agenda puts the entire Boston community in peril. This city has enjoyed a reputation for having a valued Jewish community. Durham’s cautionary tale should serve as evidence that Jewish Voice for Peace can bring only hate and violence to Boston.


Deborah Friedman

Hillsborough, N.C.