Thank you for exposing the child-care crisis in Massachusetts (“Poor workers struggling with child-care debt trap,” Page A1, Dec. 2). For over 50 years the Massachusetts chapter of the National Organization for Women (Mass NOW) has heard from our members and community about the impossible challenge of finding affordable and accessible child care while maintaining a job. And yet, it seems like these stories are underrepresented in the media. Like “period poverty,” child care is an issue that affects all families but yet we know so little. We need more data.

Everyone has a child-care story and we need to share them. Mass NOW was born through informal consciousness-raising discussions — opportunities for people to share stories about “women’s issues” that are often invisible from public discourse. By sharing our stories, we find strength in our truths and educate our communities about policy solutions at the local, state and federal level. Child care is the single biggest barrier to gender equity in the workplace and we believe Massachusetts has the leadership to address this urgent need for reform. We call upon the Legislature to take on this mammoth project and work with child-care providers, parents, and employers to invest in a child-care network that works for all families.


Sasha Goodfriend

President, Mass NOW