Gisele Bundchen just posted about ‘intense times’ on Instagram and it may be time to start freaking out

Gisele Bundchen.
Gisele Bundchen.MAURICIO LIMA/AFP via Getty Images

Think you’re stressed out about what the future holds for Tom Brady and the Patriots? Imagine what Brady’s better half, Gisele Bundchen, is going through.

Well, as of Friday morning, fans don’t have to imagine. Bundchen posted a cryptic and slightly ominous message to her Instagram -- one that will surely ripple through Pats Nation.

“We are going through intense times in our personal lives and in the world,” the supermodel mom wrote at the top of the post.

Just to repeat: “Intense times in our personal lives.”

Um, okay, right. So who is the “our” in that sentence? Is it Tom and Gisele? Is it the Brady family, whose Brookline manse is on the market right now for just shy of $34 million and who have reportedly bought a new home in Greenwich, Conn.? Is it Patriots Nation, a region of devoted fans waiting on tenterhooks to see if Brady -- the seemingly ageless TB12, the GOAT himself -- will return to the Pats for another year? Or is it the wider world, convulsing with rampant fires, political unrest, and the threat of war?

Reader, we just don’t know.


Bundchen continues: “I feel that everything happening right now is trying to bring us more inward. It’s asking us to reflect, to let go of judgments and whatever is holding us back.”

“Holding us back.” Let that sink in.

If there’s a silver lining here, it’s that at this point in the post, Gisele seems to slide back into the sunny self-care speak that tends to make up the bulk of her social media posts. She tells her IG followers to “find compassion and forgiveness within yourself,” to “open our hearts” and “spread peace.” She then ends the post with a hashtag that may leave Pats fans scratching their heads: #lunareclipse.


What does it all mean?

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