Blind date: ‘On first dates, I ask if people are huggers or shakers’

Will this date get off to a shaky start?

Nairi Hovsepian and Jordan Choy.
Nairi Hovsepian and Jordan Choy.

JORDAN CHOY: 24 / administrative assistant

What makes him a catch: He’s a well-traveled Navy reservist who speaks a bunch of languages

His interests: Politics, fencing, plus, he can juggle


First thing people notice in her home: Pictures from trips

What makes her a catch: She’s really good at backgammon



Jordan I was curious to see what kind of person I would get matched with.

Nairi I worked overnight, so I slept most of the day, woke up, and got ready with the company of a glass of wine and an episode of Friends.


Jordan I got there early. I got a beer while waiting, and I figured whoever came in would be nervous looking.

Nairi I saw a guy sitting alone at a table, had a feeling it was him, but went to the hostess to make sure.

Jordan She was pretty and had a nice sweater. Great smile. She didn’t seem super enthused, but she had a pleasant demeanor. On first dates, I ask if people are huggers or shakers and she was the first person I ever met who started with a handshake.

Nairi He had a friendly composure. Dark, short hair, glasses, and a black button-down. He looked tall, although he was sitting down.


Jordan I learned she’s a nurse and that she’d gone to school in Rhode Island. She seemed happy with where she is in life. She said she worked the night shift, which was very different from my work schedule. Her schedule wouldn’t really mesh well with a 9-5.

Nairi He was born in New York City but grew up in Hong Kong. He moved to California for school, then Boston. I thought it was bold that he left his family to come to school and work in the US. He is also in the Navy Reserve, something I admired.


Jordan We talked a lot about travel, and she said she was going to Australia and the UK soon.

Nairi He mentioned he’d never been to Europe, and I’d never been to Asia, so we exchanged travel recommendations. Overall, we seemed to have different interests.

Jordan We both like free food and drinks, so I guess that’s something. I got a French dip sandwich and she got the signature burger.

Nairi The truffle fries were delectable.

Jordan She was fun and I felt like we had a good conversation. She had a good sense of humor. I think she was attractive from the start, but I didn’t really feel any chemistry.

Nairi Conversation went relatively smoothly, given the uncomfortable nature of how we met. I think we both had a feeling we weren’t a great match, which made the conversation more relaxed.


Jordan Pretty early on it seemed like it wasn’t really going to go anywhere. She wasn’t super enthusiastic and we weren’t there that long. She said she had to pick someone up from the airport.

Nairi We finished dinner and our drinks, then I had to leave to pick up a friend at the airport, so we parted ways. I gave him a hug and left.


Jordan Probably not, I really respect what she does, but it didn’t feel like it was going anywhere.


Nairi Probably not.


Jordan / B

Nairi / B+


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