Senator Bernie Sanders caught up with his doppelganger Larry David Friday morning as the two made separate appearances on NBC’s “Today” show, and it was prettay, prettay good.

“I am here with ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David!” Al Roker declared as he stood next to Sanders. “No, wait.”

During the brief appearance Roker warned David that he could soon be flying to New York quite often to reprise his “Saturday Night Live” impersonation of the Vermont senator.

"It’s not going to be easy for me. It’ll be great for the country, terrible for me,” David joked.

“I’m getting you a good job for four years and you’re complaining,” Sanders shot back.


But the joke might have a grain of truth. David lamented the possibility of a Sanders presidency Wednesday during an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

“I would beg him to drop out so I don’t have to keep flying in from Los Angeles to do ‘SNL.’ I thought when he had the heart attack that was going to be it,” David said. “But you know he’s indestructible, nothing stops this man.”

“If he wins, do you know what that’s going to do to my life?” he added, to laughs and cheers from the audience.

Sanders addressed his health during his Friday “Today” show interview with Savannah Guthrie, telling her, “I would not be here today if I was not healthy.”

He also expressed doubt over President Trump’s claims this week that Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was planning a major attack on a US embassy before he was killed by US forces, suggesting it’s impossible to know whether Trump is telling the truth based on his history.

“People don’t believe much of what Trump says, and when you lie all the time, the problem is sometimes maybe you’re telling the truth and people are not going to believe you,” Sanders said.


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