We face a pressing transportation-housing-climate crisis, all intertwined

The Globe’s “2020 vision” (Editorial, Jan. 5) recognizes the transportation crisis as “an all-hands-on-deck kind of problem” and commits to push for solutions and a long-term plan. It is also past time to address climate change and the region’s housing deficits with equal urgency and comprehensiveness.

The fires now burning in Australia are a stark warning that we can only mitigate our own looming climate catastrophes before they strike. And the problems of homelessness, overcrowding, displacement, and high housing costs are blighting lives and eroding communities every day. These are not separate issues.

Workers resort to long commutes on congested highways and unreliable public transportation because of the high cost and short supply of housing nearer to employment centers. Transportation and housing are major sources of the greenhouse gases that are cooking us. A comprehensive solution must address all three issues.


What Greater Boston faces is a transportation-housing-climate crisis, and the first step toward comprehensive solutions is to see it.

John Pitkin