A tractor trailer carrying compressed natural gas slammed into a state plow truck and tipped over in Island Fall, Maine, Monday night, State police said.

A Maine Department of Transportation plow truck, driven by Thor Cote, was plowing in the left lane heading north on Interstate 95 when it was hit by the tractor trailer at 9:35 p.m., according to a statement from the Maine State police.

The tractor trailer’s driver, William Curvin, was delivering natural gas to a local factory at the time, police said.

“William thought the plow truck was in the middle of the roadway, went to pass on the left, and struck the wing of the plow truck,” police said. "William lost control of the tractor trailer and went off the left side of the roadway into the median."


The tractor trailer tipped onto its left side and finally came to a stop against rocks. While no hazardous materials leaked from the tractor trailer during the crash, police said the truck did sustain major damage.

Police said the truck and trailer are owned by Kenan Advantage Group of Indiana. Crews will work to remove the rig from the median during daylight hours Tuesday.

The plow truck’s wings and other parts of it sustained heavy damage from the crash, police said. Cote was able to to drive the plow truck to a highway crossover after the incident, police said.

No one was injured in this crash, police said.

The incident is under investigation by Sergeant Jeffrey Clark.

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