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Babson employee’s Facebook post was not a firing offense

Babson College
Babson CollegeJoanne Rathe Strohmeyer

Re “Babson fires employee over bombing post: He wrote list of possible targets” (Metro, Jan. 10): We have been subscribers to the Globe for more than 40 years, and we have never written a letter to the editor before. However, in an environment that is increasingly antagonistic to our individual rights, we feel compelled to write in support of an outstanding citizen whom we have known since he was a teenager, Asheen Phansey.

He has been, and remains, a stellar resident of the Commonwealth — hard-working, dedicated to his community and the environment, and justly proud of his rights as an American citizen (and, incidentally, an Eagle Scout). In his recent private Facebook posting, for which he was fired from his position as director of sustainability at Babson College, he clearly was being satirical. He is the victim of feigned outrage and of misconstruction. This is precisely what academic institutions such as Babson (his alma mater as well) are supposed to defend against.


We hope that Babson will review its decision and change its position in the recognition that Asheen Phansey is entitled to freedom of expression, including hyperbole, as an essential part of our democratic liberty.

Beth and Michael Aaronson