HARRIET LINDEMAN: 24 / live-in volunteer

Her interests: She is part of a community that collaboratively runs a soup kitchen

What makes her a catch: A commitment to fighting larger inequalities in the world

ZARA YOST: 28 / gallery manager

Her hobbies: Tennis, biking to work, was a competitive swimmer

What makes her a catch: She’s emotionally intelligent and self-aware



Harriet I was curious who I’d be meeting and how it all would unfold.

Zara I had to find a new outfit, because my work clothes were not up to snuff for the fancy restaurant. I booked it to T.J. Maxx and Old Navy to find a dress, tights, and necklace.


Harriet I had arrived early, and went inside to wait. When I asked about the reservation, the greeter gestured toward Zara — she had been sitting there the whole time.

Zara My date, unbeknownst to me, was by the cozy fire on the other side.

Harriet Zara has expressive eyes and gorgeous long hair. She seemed composed and at ease. I’m afraid I appeared a little less so.

Zara Harriet was fresh-faced, very wholesome. Her smile was warm, but had a tinge of hesitancy.


Harriet We talked for over two hours. I enjoyed hearing about the path that led her to Boston, the world she’s built here, and hopes for her life and artwork moving forward.

Zara We talked about social justice, and the implications of being someone who works at a soup kitchen — and lives above that very soup kitchen — having an upscale dining experience. We talked about queerness, and our experiences.

Harriet I ordered sunflower risotto, which was delicious.

Zara I had pasta with eggplant that was made special. I convinced her to get dessert, a beautiful lemon tart.


Harriet Zara was very open and genuine. We found shared values around social justice, and a mutual readiness to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives. I also loved that we have both embraced the realization that we’re becoming our mothers.

Zara I felt very comfortable the entire time, because I’m comfortable with who I am.


Harriet I couldn’t envision us moving toward a romantic relationship, but was still drawn to her as a person. We are in different places — in age, what we’re looking for — but valued the experience of connecting.

Zara Neither of us looked at our phones once. We were fully engaged, fully present. The deal breaker might be on my part: I’m not looking for anything serious.

Harriet By the end of the evening I was worn out. We walked to a nearby T stop, reflecting on the evening.

Zara I asked her to text me when she got home, so I knew she was safe. We hugged, made tentative plans to see a play, and said our goodbyes.


Harriet While we will perhaps not frame it as a date, I am hopeful that we’ll spend more time together.

Zara I would see her again, but maybe not romantically.


Harriet / A

Zara / B+


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