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Bibim Box sets up shop in CommonWealth Kitchen’s walk-up window

The food truck Bibim Box moved into CommonWealth Kitchen's retail location for six months for the experience of running a small take-out restaurant.Bonnie Rosenbaum

The Bibim Box blue food truck lures a lunch crowd that lines up for Korean bibimbap — rice or noodle bowls heaped with a choice of toppings, such as spicy barbecued pork, chicken bulgogi or house-made tofu, and laced with a dressing. Some add kimchi or a fried egg, or skip the rice and turn the meal into a king-size salad. Owned by husband and wife team Jason and Grace Won, you’ll spot the roving eatery some days near the John Hancock Center; other times at Dewey Square Plaza, or in front of Harvard’s Science Center. But now, for six months, Bibim Box has also moved into the kiosk in Kendall Square run by Dorchester’s CommonWealth Kitchen, a food incubator that offers kitchen time and training to small-scale food vendors. The company introduced the lunchtime pop-up with a walk-up window (no indoor seating) two years ago to offer members the experience of scaling-up and managing a brick-and-mortar for a time. “When we opened, we dreamed it would give our diverse food trucks and caterers a chance to test out running a take-out restaurant without having to invest a ton of money first,” says Jen Faigel, CommonWealth Kitchen’s executive director. The Dining Car food truck was the first to take the space. Next came Jamaica Mi Hungry, which, in fact, recently opened a 30-seat place in Jamaica Plain. “We’re hoping that Justin and Grace will have a similar experience, and get them one step closer to their dream of opening their own restaurant,” says Faigel. Bibim Box is open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m.,-2 p.m., 300B Athenaeum St., Kendall Square, Cambridge (across from 650 East Kendall St.).


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