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US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse was ranked the sixth-most active tweeter in the Senate last year, but you’ll probably hear a lot less from him once the opening arguments in President Trump’s impeachment trial begin this afternoon.


That’s because impeachment rules dictate that senators can’t use electronic devices as they hear testimony during the trial, which could go on for several weeks even under Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s expedited timeline.

The impeachment managers from the US House of Representatives and Trump’s legal team will each get 24 hours over the course of two days to make their opening arguments, which means senators could go 12 hours a day without being able to look at their phones, much less type a quippy tweet.

Whitehouse was plenty active on Twitter over the long weekend, though. He accused McConnell of being “out to fix the case wholesale,” criticized the role corporate money plays in politics, slammed the fossil-fuel industry and spoke at an MLK Day event in Newport.

The electronics ban appears to be less of a concern for US Senator Jack Reed, who isn’t quite as active on social media as his junior colleague. Reed did take to Twitter on Saturday to encourage Rhode Island residents to requests tickets to the impeachment trial through his office.


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