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Isla Fisher and Jillian Bell film ‘Godmothered’ in Marblehead

Isla Fisher films the Disney+ comedy, "Godmothered," in Boston on Monday.RYMI/Patriot Pics / BACKGRID

Marblehead transformed into a movie set on Wednesday, with actors shooting scenes in town. Tory’s Jewelry became Mugford Hotel and Bar. There was a snowstorm.

Disney+ is in town.

Scenes from “Godmothered,” featuring “Workaholics” actress Jillian Bell and “Wedding Crashers” star Isla Fisher, were being shot on Washington Street and Pleasant Street, a Disney spokesperson confirmed. The comedy, set to be released on the new Disney+ streaming platform, is being directed by Sharon Maguire, best known for directing “Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

“Godmothered” tells the story of a young godmother, played by Bell, who desperately wants to prove her worth, so she tracks down a young girl, who needed help but was ignored, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The godmother discovers the girl, now a young woman, played by Fisher, has grown up and is in need of something besides a proverbial "Prince Charming.”


Tory’s Jewelry posted on Facebook, enthusiastic about being a part of the film. The shop closed Wednesday and was adorned with Christmas decorations, which the store said will come down Thursday.

“Just like New England’s weather: ever changing. Keeps it fresh!” Tory’s said in the post.

One of the scenes included (biodegradable) snow, the Disney spokesperson said.

Marblehead police put out a traffic notice on Facebook about the filming, blocking streets and offering assistance for those who needed to get through.

It also looked like Christmas all over again on Monday as cameras rolled near the Boston Public Garden.

Fisher, decked out in a green wool coat and carrying multiple shopping bags, made her way past a host of Christmas trees as cameras rolled on the Disney+ movie.

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