‘You’re so going viral, lady.’ Video showing alleged racism on Amherst bus viewed over 5 million times


A Youtube video of a December confrontation on an Amherst bus between a woman and several people accusing her of being racist has been viewed more than 5 million times.

The 5-minute video begins in midstream. Remarks made by people in the video indicate that the incident began when the unidentified woman allegedly asked two men conversing in Chinese to speak English.

As the recording begins, an unseen female speaker says to the woman, “I’m Puerto Rican — is that wrong?”

The woman, who has short, dark hair and wears a camouflage hoodie, responds, “I love Puerto Ricans! I love Chinese! I love Koreans! I love every country! But when they come to America, it would be nice if they spoke English!”


A man yells back at her, “Too bad for you!”

The profanity-laced exchange continues for about two minutes, as the woman attempts to defend herself and several other people on the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority bus harangue her.

“You’re so going viral, lady,” one of her central antagonists tells her.

“Thank you for making me viral, because I wanted to go viral,” she responds. “Thank you, sir.”

Moments later, an Amherst police officer can be seen stepping onto the bus. He speaks briefly to the woman, who then can be seen walking away. A passenger tells him that the argument began when the woman asked the two men to speak English.

Amherst police Captain Ronald Young confirmed the Dec. 23 event.

“We responded for a report of a disturbance," Young said. “When we got there, peace was restored. No arrests were made.”

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