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Greed-driven environmental policy leads only to ruination

The Hockomock Swamp in Easton could be among wetlands to lose federal protections.Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff

Re “Scientists say EPA spurns wetlands input” (Page A1, Jan. 19): Greed-driven policy, enabled by power, ignorance, and ambition, is proving dangerous to us all. When Donald Trump leaves the White House and returns perhaps to his chosen career in development, he will have cleared the way, literally, for his projects.

Trees and plants once protected by the National Environmental Policy Act, enforced by a functioning Environmental Protection Agency, will be flattened. Impervious surfaces once limited by regulations will pave the land. Wetlands that collected and absorbed stormwater will be filled. As homeowners and townspeople around the world grieve while floodwaters surge, unchecked, through their streets, towns, and houses (unless they live in a zone consumed by flames), the president is seeking to diminish the very systems Earth has in place to minimize disaster.


Wake up, GOP, and in November, vote for your planet, your homes, and your grandchildren.

Lea Sylvestro

Easton, Conn.

The writer was a member of the Conservation Commission of Easton, Conn., for 20 years.