Hyundai Super Bowl ad featuring ‘Big Papi’ and others briefly made the rounds on social media

Hyundai's forthcoming Super Bowl LIV commercial stars John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, Chris Evans, and David Ortiz.
Hyundai's forthcoming Super Bowl LIV commercial stars John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, Chris Evans, and David Ortiz.Hyundai

In an upcoming Super Bowl ad from Hyundai that made the rounds on social media Saturday, before apparently being pulled by the car company later in the evening, several local celebrities take center stage — along with their heavy Boston accents.

So while Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots won’t be making an appearance at the big game this year, fans may still have something to look forward to between plays.

The advertisement opens with Sudbury-raised star Chris Evans — most prominently known for his role as Captain America — toting a coffee in hand as he watches a man unsuccessfully try to park his car into a narrow spot. Soon, he’s joined by Lexington native and “Saturday Night Live” star Rachel Dratch.


“Hey Rachel, how are ya?" Evans asks Dratch. “He’s not getting that car in there.”

“No suh,” Dratch responds.

And then John Krasinski, a Newton native and star of NBC’s “The Office,” pulls up in his “smaht cah” — and hilarity ensues.

“Look at these two troublemakers,” Krasinski says, as he pulls up in his new Hyundai Sonata. When Krasinski goes to park the car, Evans insists he’s not going to be able to fit.

“Chris, stop being a smahtty pants, alright,” Krasinski says. “Look whose got smaht pahk?”

Krasinski, exiting the vehicle with the remote clicker in hand, says he can park his car “anywhere” with one click.

Evans and Dratch push him on this claim — Dorchester? Foxborough? The Garden? Saugus? Swampscott? Revere? The harbor? Pahked it, pahked it, pahked it, pahked it, pahked it, Krasinski says.

And in response to parking at Boston Harbor? “Are you kidding me? I pahked it and then unpahked it,” Krasinksi says.

He then demonstrates as his “ghost” car parks itself, and an onlooker watches in visible shock. But the commercial doesn’t end without an appearance from Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz — or “Big Papi.”


“Wicked smaht,” Ortiz says, as the trio of celebs look up at him in awe.

“Sorry about that, ya bigness!,” Krasinski says back to Ortiz. “Did you guys know he lived there?”

“I had no idea,” Evans says.

Hyundai, the South Korean automaker, previously released a teaser featuring both Dratch and Ortiz, in which she tries to teach the baseball star the local accent. The advertisement will officially debut during an hourlong Super Bowl ad special on CBS at 9 p.m. on Jan. 27.