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‘Secretary Pompeo will see you now . . . ’

Secretary of state’s tirade against NPR reporter is an affront to us all

I was pleased to read that NPR stands by its reporter Mary Louise Kelly, who said she was subjected to a profanity-laced rant by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after she asked him about his treatment of Marie Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Ukraine. Pompeo’s rant reportedly ended with his threat that “people will hear about this.”

Kelly was doing her job as a journalist: seeking, on behalf of the American people, to hold a powerful government official accountable. Essentially, Kelly was acting as our surrogate.

She was not alone in that private room when Pompeo lashed out at her. The American people were with her in spirit. How dare he treat us that way.


Jeri Zeder


Intimidation of journalists must be called out

When Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acts like a bully toward a respected female journalist, he is attacking all Americans. Respect for a free press is essential to our healthy democracy. Citizens need to speak out against intimidation and disrespect shown toward journalists who dare to do their jobs for us, to ask hard questions of politicians and office holders.

Making personal attacks and behaving in an intimidating manner toward journalists must be condemned and challenged. Our free and democratic society is at risk when such behavior is tolerated.

Paula Chasan

Hyde Park

Naomi Krasner