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Maya Jichi documents her food journeys through Boston

Traveling around the city, Maya Jichi photographs cuisine she tries for her Instagram food blog.Maya Jichi

Maya Jichi (@mayafoodie) always loved visiting new restaurants and capturing her meals in photos. But it wasn’t until almost two years ago that she started sharing them as an Instagram food blogger. Now, the Foxboro native and Suffolk University graduate shares her colorful and trendy eats with thousands of followers, giving her a platform in the local food community.

Q. What is the Boston food scene like compared to other cities you’ve visited?

A. I’d say the Boston food scene is definitely evolving in a great way. At the beginning of my account when I first started, a lot of my most popular posts came from when I traveled to cities like New York where there are a lot of unique dessert places and cool restaurants that are trending. Now, similar restaurants and dessert shops are opening up in Boston. I’d say Boston is becoming more diverse and more trendy... . It’s great for food bloggers or anyone who likes food in general.

Q. How do you decide where to eat and what to feature on your account?


A. Usually, I hear about restaurants through other food bloggers on Instagram, just looking through different pages and seeing what looks good or what I might want to try and bookmarking those. Also just through word of mouth: My friends and family know I’m a foodie, so they’ll give me suggestions of places they’ve tried, and I’ll usually check it out. If the photo looks appealing, it’ll definitely make it to my account.

Maya Jichi shares food finds on Instagram.Maya Jichi (custom credit)/Maya Jichi

Q. How did you grow your following?

A. I’d say the main way I grew my following was by engaging with other food bloggers in the area or in nearby states. Liking other people’s posts, commenting, and sometimes going to events definitely helps to so you can meet people face to face and share your love for food. Just the fact that I’m passionate about food and producing content I truly love definitely helps.


Q. Do you have a job outside of being a food blogger or is this your full-time gig?

A. I actually just graduated in December and started a job in digital marketing, so I’m working a lot with social media marketing and stuff like that. That’s definitely helpful to see the brand side of things when it comes to digital marketing. I can use the tools and skills I’m developing for helping my food blog in the future.

Q. Do you cook or do you primarily eat out at restaurants?

A. For the most part, I feature food I eat at restaurants. I do cook myself sometimes, but I find myself mostly posting places I eat out at.

Q. Do you have any restaurant recommendations?

A. I’d say one of my favorite restaurants I find myself constantly going to is Q restaurant in Chinatown. They have amazing hot pot and before going there, I never had hot pot, so it’s really a great experience that I would definitely recommend. I also love bartaco. I love tacos and could eat them every day, so that’s a great spot in the Seaport area.

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