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Vt. lawmaker wants to put emojis on license plates. Reader reacts with a : (

Ryan Huddle

A Democratic state legislator in Vermont has introduced legislation to allow emojis on license plates (Metro, Jan. 26). This action is a perfect example of a lawmaker wasting taxpayer money on efforts that bring about no net benefit to society.

Emojis have gained tremendous popularity over the years, largely in electronic communication such as that found on social media. However, emojis still do not have a formal place in official written communication, legal correspondence, or even contemporary literature. There are more than 1,000 emojis in circulation, which are used in friendly, informal exchanges of messages.

If drivers want to display an emoji, they could purchase a bumper sticker or magnet with a chosen emoji and display it on a vehicle. There is no need for government to waste taxpayer money on the subject of custom license plates with emojis. Lawmakers should worry about pressing policy problems and work on reducing the regulatory burden, cutting taxes, and combating drug abuse, rather than throw public funds at introducing emojis on license plates.


Tawsif Anam

Madison, Wis.