Maple cream from Ackermann Maple Farm in Cabot, Vt.
Maple cream from Ackermann Maple Farm in Cabot, Vt.Handout

Ian and Caitlin Ackermann of Ackermann Maple Farm in Cabot, Vt., make maple cream from their Grade A maple syrup. There’s no dairy here, just merely pure syrup that’s reduced first and later whipped until it becomes thick and luscious, almost fudgy. “It’s a simple process but time-consuming,” says Caitlin. The maple cream is a nice switch from butter to spread on toast and other breads ($12 for 8-ounces; $20 for 16- ounces). You can use it to glaze salmon or when roasting root vegetables. The Ackermanns’ maple syrup (they tap 10,000 trees), bottled in glass jugs, is made from sap that’s been wood fired, an old-fashioned practice (from $9 to $65). The wood imparts a slightly smoky taste to the syrup, which gives the cream a fire-kissed flavor with notes of caramel. Available at Wayland Winter Farmers Market (Saturdays) at Russell’s Garden Center, 397 Boston Post Road, Wayland, or online at www.ackermannmaplefarm.com.



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