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Tom Brady just answered fans’ burning questions about his training regimen. Here’s what he said

Tom Brady.Steven Senne/Associated Press

On Tuesday, Tom Brady posted a picture of TB12 vibrating foam rollers to his Instagram story along with the question: “What do you want to know about my training regimen?” The post was accompanied by a box where fans could type in their queries.

On Wednesday afternoon, he filmed his answers while sitting in a car and uploaded them to his Instagram story.

Here’s a look at what people asked, and how Brady answered.

Drop the skincare routine.

The first “question” Brady answered was actually a bit of a joke.

“What’s up guys, thanks for all the questions you sent me yesterday,” Brady started out. “My favorite one came from some guy named Julian Edelman, who said, ‘Drop the skincare routine.’ C’mon man, I told you. We’ve been through this a thousand times. You just gotta drink more water.”


Of course, Brady has raised some eyebrows for the amount of water he drinks a day. In his 2017 book The TB12 Method, Brady wrote that he drinks 12 to 25 (yes, 25) glasses of water a day. (A clinical registered dietician told the Globe, though, that she would “never recommend that to a patient.”)

Favorite cheat meal?

“I think my favorite would be Saturday morning donuts with my boys in the locker room,” Brady said.

What’s the No. 1 food to avoid?

“My answer would be sugar,” Brady said. “I know it’s really not a food, but as little as possible. But it’s tough for all of us, I know.”

How much time do you sleep at night?

“I try to get on a normal sleep pattern, so I think I’m in bed by 9:30, and up by 5:30,” Brady said. “So if I can, eight hours.”

Best recovery method from an intense training session?


“This is a super important one and I think the one that is most valuable. I get a lot of pliability treatments after I work out really hard, which for me is so critical — from a body coach, Alex (Guerrero), and along with a vibrating sphere and roller.”

How does a person who barely/never worked out start?

“I understand we all have busy days but, you know, you’ve got to allocate a little bit of time, even if it just starts with a little walking. Just keeping your body active and not sedentary is really important, especially as you age.”

How important is stretching?

“See, I don’t really do too much stretching. I have to be really warmed up, like a lot of muscle pump, before I start my stretching or else sometimes I think you can strain a muscle even doing that.”

What’s one of your favorite drills in practice?

“Favorite drill in practice is anytime I get to throw the football — those are my favorite. Especially against our defense trying to throw on Steph [Stephon Gilmore] and J-Mac [Jason McCourty] and J.C. [Jackson] and Dev [Devin McCourty] and Patrick [Chung]. They make it hard on me, though.”

What’s your favorite recovery snack?

“My favorite snack would be a TB12 chocolate plant-based chocolate protein powder. I love it. Love it, love it.”

How often do you have to work out to get where you want to be?

“I think drive and determination are hugely important to what you want to accomplish. Nothing can be accomplished without a lot of hard work.”


What team you playing for next year?

Brady had no words for this question — he simply stared at the camera with a perplexed look on his face for a moment before moving on to the next query.

How did it feel when you made it?

“You know, it never feels like you really make it. It always feels like you’re trying to keep going and gain more ground. So, still trying to earn it every day.”

Jaclyn Reiss can be reached at jaclyn.reiss@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter: @JaclynReiss