Blind date: ‘We also touched upon the trendy subject of serial killers’

Will this roller skating dater sign on for a second lap?

Colleen Lortie and Kelsey Sampson.
Colleen Lortie and Kelsey Sampson.

KELSEY SAMPSON: 31 / cybersecurity compliance

Her hobbies: Roller derby, board games, D&D

Favorite Comedian: Iliza Shlesinger

COLLEEN LORTIE: 26 / registered nurse

Her perfect Saturday: Invite friends over for drinks and board games

Her perfect mate: Would be in a creative role that she’s passionate about



Kelsey I got dressed and chatted with my roommates beforehand.

Colleen I distracted myself from my nerves by watching Shrill.

Kelsey Colleen arrived and introduced herself. She was cute and dressed well.

Colleen She had purple hair. I know that’s superficial, but it was definitely the first thing I noticed. She also was wearing a Ruth Bader Ginsburg “dissent collar” necklace, which I wholeheartedly loved and respected.


Kelsey I mentioned that I’m in the middle of a six-week challenge that limits my diet and calorie intake. She mentioned she was a vegetarian, which was cool because I’ve been a pescatarian my whole life. We decided we’d stick to one drink after discussing how unhealthy it is to drink constantly.

Colleen We had to be creative with our ordering decisions. Their cocktail options all sounded pretty cool and unique — but I chose one with aquafaba in it purely to see what a drink with aquafaba would taste like.


Kelsey We talked about our jobs, being a vegetarian, trying to go vegan, our families. She’s a nurse, and seemed really passionate about it. We also talked about our dogs, which was probably the brightest point of the conversation.

Colleen The conversation flowed easily. I heard about her adventures in Ireland, where I also studied, though our experiences were funnily different. We also touched upon the trendy subject of serial killers. And, of course, we talked about our dogs and showed off pictures of how cute they are.


Kelsey We split the black-eyed pea fritters, which were delicious.

Colleen I had salad while she had a shrimp dish.

Kelsey She moved back to Boston to be near family. I’m planning on leaving Boston sooner [rather] than later, so someone with a lot of family in the area probably isn’t a great match for me long-term.

Colleen To be honest, I knew I wasn’t interested romantically pretty early on. I felt from the beginning it wasn’t a love connection. But I did enjoy getting to hear her stories and see her personality as the night went on. We had a lot in common, but I didn’t feel anything much deeper.


Kelsey We wrapped things up naturally after dinner and parted ways at the T station without exchanging numbers. It wasn’t a bad date, there just wasn’t any spark.

Colleen I’m a hugger and that was the right way to say goodbye. I didn’t want anything more and it seemed like she felt the same.


Kelsey Highly unlikely, given that we never exchanged numbers.

Colleen No, we don’t even have each other’s phone number! It felt like we were on the same page about how to leave things. Great food, great person, great conversation — just not the right fit.


Kelsey / B+

Colleen / A-


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