Trump and his GOP enablers should hang their heads in shame

Absent a drumroll, the expulsion of twin brothers Lieutenant Colonels Alexander and Yevgeny Vindman from the White House nonetheless was a march of disgrace (“First taste of Trump’s revenge: 2 witnesses fired,” Page One, Feb. 8). The disgrace, however, is not upon the Vindmans, both veterans and public servants, but on our country and its so-called leader and the Republicans in Congress who should hang their hypocritical heads in shame.

They have bastardized the Constitution, the Bible, and the very meaning of America. They should choke on their words about country, flag, patriotism, honor, and God when they dare to utter them. Not one active-duty serviceman or -woman, and not one veteran, should vote for any of them.


We have phony patriotism from the Republicans, phony Christianity from the evangelicals, and a phony in the White House surrounded by phonies. With all that goes on in the world, in our country, and with our environment, I hear nothing but homilies suited for second-graders from my own Catholic Church. Enough, please — it has gone too far.

Ron Pagliarulo


Impeachment stunt has consequences

So Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, one of the key figures in the Ukraine-related impeachment stunt that was designed to topple Donald Trump, was relieved of his duties at the National Security Council and unceremoniously escorted from the White House grounds on Friday afternoon. Upon hearing of Vindman’s firing, I was reminded of an apt quote from Irish poet Thomas Moore, who said, “Those who plot the destruction of others often perish in the attempt.” Indeed.

Michael J. DiStefano

Jamestown, R.I.

A tenuous tsk-tsk from Senator Susan Collins

On Friday, following the vindictive firing of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and Ambassador Gordon Sondland, both of whom testified against President Trump in the impeachment inquiry, Maine Senator Susan Collins had the unmitigated gall to tell the media, “I obviously am not in favor of any kind of retribution against anyone who came forward with evidence.” Really? What a less-than-forceful rhetorical and uncourageous response. I wonder what she proposes to do about it.


I predict that Collins will not enforce her disfavor with decisive action. Like all Trump sycophants, who weakly may say that they don’t like what Trump does but who themselves fear retribution, she will continue to acquiesce to Trump regardless of what he says and does.

I trust that Maine voters are smart enough to see Collins for who she is and vote her out of office. She failed to reject Brett Kavanaugh when he was nominated to be a Supreme Court justice. Her vote to subpoena witnesses and documents meant little given the predetermined outcome; many understood that she was given a pass by majority leader Mitch McConnell on that vote to appease her constituents in Maine. And then she wouldn’t stand with fellow Republican Senator Mitt Romney on the all-important vote to convict the president.

It’s time for a senator from Maine who has the courage of her convictions.

Richard Cherwitz

Austin, Texas

Thanks to Vindman for his service

Unlike Donald Trump, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman has shown himself to be a man of honor and courage, a patriot, and — something our draft-dodging president will never be — a veteran.

Patricia Walsh

West Roxbury