I continue to be frustrated by Diane Hessan’s sample of voters (“Fear and loathing in the Democratic Party,” Opinion, Feb. 10). Yes, the Democrats speak “in many voices.” Why is that a bad thing, especially when the Republicans’ one voice is Donald Trump’s?

Would it be better if the Democrats were better organized, used better tactics, chose a better impeachment target? I would have taken on the obstruction of the Russian investigation — the firing of James Comey alone was prima facie evidence of that obstruction.

But in the end, it all comes down to how anyone beyond the president’s base can even consider four more years of Donald Trump. If people can vote for Trump because the Democrats couldn’t run the caucuses in Iowa, there’s no hope for us.


The Republicans speak in one voice because they tremble in fear at saying something, anything, that might be contrary to what Trump wants. Is that really the way we want our country to be run?

Steven Brooks