Re “Lighting up the Lechmere sky: Civic group has bright ideas for the darkened viaduct” (Business, Feb. 11): The point is not to increase sky shine and compromise dark skies. We are glad to have your interest, but your headline writer got it quite upside-down with “Lighting up the Lechmere sky.” Adding to light pollution is the first thing that an environmentally sensitive public rightly worries about when we speak. But, in fact, Light Boston was lauded at the Dark Skies International Convention in Cambridge a few years ago for raising urban consciousness about environmentally responsible lighting.

Enlightened lighting design is our most important mission. It was central to the competition. Your reporter Tim Logan completely understood our purpose, which is to increase public awareness of superior civic illumination.


The MBTA and Green Line Transformation, working with us to light the Lechmere viaduct, will be rigorous in controlling the nighttime environmental aspects of the project. The winning design by Lam Partners takes pains to only glow. The majority of projected light shines either down or across. That which does shine up is shielded so that there is no spill into the sky. The illuminated viaduct will be a fitting and responsible complement to the Zakim and Longfellow crossings.

Todd Lee


The writer is an architect and president of Light Boston, which sponsored the Light Lechmere Viaduct competition.