43 minors found with fake I.D.s at bar in Lawrence

Investigators found 43 minors with fake identifications after raiding a bar in Lawrence Thursday night, officials said.

Around 11 p.m., investigators from the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission went to The Claddagh Pub, according to a statement from State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg. Upon arrival, they found a crowded bar and noticed that people left as they began asking all young-looking people to provide proof of legal drinking age.

Most of those caught with fake identifications were around 19 years old, the statement said.

If it is found to have violated the law at a hearing before the commission, the bar could have its liquor license suspended, modified, or revoked.


“Bars and restaurants have an obligation to responsibly serve their patrons,” Goldberg said in the statement. “We will continue to step up our monitoring and enforcement actions because we know that this can save lives and prevent tragedies before they happen.”

Investigators searched the bar as part of ABCC’s Operation Safe Campus program, aimed at enforcing liquor laws in college areas to curb underage drinking, the statement said.

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