If you rode through Maine Friday, it was nearly impossible to forget that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Nearly 130 electronic signs operated by the state Department of Transportation on roads across the state reminded drivers to be safe on the day of love.

“We wanted to do more outreach in terms of safety, and people have been responding mostly positively to it,” Maine DOT spokesman Paul Merrill said.

Some signs focused on speed, telling drivers to ease their foot off the gas.

“Don’t break hearts or speed limits!”

“U can’t hurry love. Take it slow!”

Others told riders to fasten their seat belt, a state law for occupants of all ages.


“All of me + all of you should be buckled!”

“I think we click. Love, your seatbelt.”

The Maine DOT has been keeping safety on the minds of drivers throughout the holidays for several years, Merrill said.

“If it starts a conversation about not texting while driving or wearing a seatbelt, that’s a win for us.”

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