British photographer Sam Rowley scored a prestigious wildlife photography prize from London’s Natural History Museum this past week, and he didn’t even have to go into the wild — he just had to lay on the floor of a subway station. (Ew.) Rowley beat out over 48,000 other entries with his dramatic shot, entitled “Station Squabble,” which captured two teeny tiny mice coming to blows over some subway crumbs. Relatable! But for a more heartwarming tale of animal relations, it’s hard to beat the footage caught of a coyote and its badger BFF teaming up to stalk prey (mice, maybe?) in a culvert. Less relatable! Or, as CNN’s Chris Cuomo tweeted, “A coyote and a badger can work together...why cant congress?”



Speaking of Oscar-worthy films, the Oscars were full of them. But the real show was in the rows of the Dolby Theatre, where scores of celebrities channeled the puzzlement of viewers around the globe over the surprise appearance of rapper Eminem, who delivered a belated performance of his hit “Lose Yourself" some 17 years after it won its own trophy for best original song. BIllie Eilish scrunched her face, Martin Scorsese stared blankly, Idina Menzel (a.k.a. Adele Dazeem) looked wicked perplexed, and Randy Newman immediately ran to the men’s room, muttered a rap into his phone, and won 20 Oscars for it. (That’s a guess; I lasted 30 seconds before switching to “NCIS.”)


This week in Never Believing Anything You See Online, YouTube star Natalia Taylor successfully tricked her 300,000 Instagram followers into thinking she’d taken a luxurious tropical holiday in Bali, when in reality (or the Instagram influencer version of it) she just went to an IKEA in a pink dress and struck glamorous poses in a bunch of showcase rooms. This is sort of like when I tell my husband that I’m going to IKEA but I really just stay home and eat bags of meatballs.



Elsewhere in non-vacations, if ever you’re on a luxury cruise and a mysterious and potentially lethal respiratory virus results in you and several thousand of your fellow passengers being forced into mandatory quarantine for weeks on end, just remember things could be a lot worse: You could be out of wine. Such was the grim fate met by the Binskins, an Australian couple aboard the Diamond Princess off the coast of Japan, who were winelessly confined to their cabins after a number of passengers were diagnosed with coronavirus and took the the crisis into their own (presumably washed) hands with a mix of keen resourcefulness and advanced technology — that is, they had a drone deliver wine to their cabin. Now they just need to order one big enough to carry two drunk Australians.