This one sounds dang good. Julia Roberts is reteaming with Sam Esmail, the guy behind “Mr. Robot” and “Homecoming,” for a TV adaptation of the first season of the Slate podcast “Slow Burn” (which, by the way, was hosted by Globe alum Leon Neyfakh). Roberts’s costars aren’t too shabby either. They include Sean Penn, Armie Hammer, and Joel Edgerton, who will also direct with his brother Nash Edgerton.

The series is called “Gaslit,” and it will be a new take on the old story of Watergate and its main characters. Penn will play Richard Nixon’s attorney general John Mitchell, and Roberts will play Martha Mitchell, his wife. Hammer will be John Dean, and Joel Edgerton will be G. Gordon Liddy. No network is attached yet, but I suspect it will be a competitive situation among the premium cable channels and streaming platforms.


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