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It ain’t easy to run for Congress. Here’s some advice

The dome of the Rhode Island State House in Providence.
The dome of the Rhode Island State House in Providence.Lane Turner/Globe Staff

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Happy Friday and welcome to Rhode Map, your daily guide to everything happening in the Ocean State. I’m Dan McGowan and I don’t think I can wait a week to see “Saturday Night Live’s” portrayal of Michael Bloomberg. Follow me on Twitter @DanMcGowan or send tips to Dan.McGowan@globe.com.

Former GOP state representative Robert Lancia launched his bid this month to unseat veteran Congressman James Langevin, a Democrat, but he knows he faces an uphill battle – especially in a presidential election year.


So what should Lancia be thinking about as he begins to piece together his campaign? Rhode Map asked five recent Republican congressional candidates for their advice.


Lost to David Cicilline in 2010

“First of all, enjoy the ride. Running for Congress is one of the most fun things you’ll do in your political life. I had the opportunity to meet Rhode Islanders of every stripe at public forums, at church socials, and even in their living rooms. Our state, despite its problems and challenges, is populated by the best people in America. I found each and every one of them to be great engaged citizens, and meeting and interacting with my fellow Rhode Islanders on a daily basis is probably what I miss most about politics.” (Note: Read Loughlin’s full response here.)

BRENDAN DOHERTY (now a Democrat)

Lost to Cicilline in 2012

“I would say work on developing a good message and try to be as inclusive as you can because the nation needs to become more united. Candidates may differ in philosophy, but our differences don’t have to create a vitriolic landscape. Working toward building consensus would be a better path. Polish the message and then raise lots of money. The best never gets out if you can’t pay for advertising.”



Lost to Sheldon Whitehouse in 2018

“They must either be able to have a [Michael] Bloomberg-like ability to self-fund their campaigns, or else be able to raise on their own the millions needed to persuasively communicate their life story and message for the future. They should expect no help from the national Republican Party because it views Rhode Island as a lost cause brimming with elected officials who are unremittingly hostile to its core principles and policies.”


Lost to Whitehouse in 2012

"Rhode Island is deeply corrupt and deeply broken, there is no single person who can not only overcome those two realities and buck decades-long incumbents who print re-election money while in office and have the full force of 95 percent of elected officials (and the press) covering their backs. And we aren’t even talking about the public employees on their team, who can make your life as a citizen miserable. As they say, the spouting whale gets harpooned, that’s what it’s like to be a Republican in RI. To run you ask, it’s a suicide mission.”


Lost to Langevin in 2012

“My philosophy is to be true to yourself and have a vision. My experience is that it matters little how much money a Republican spends in Rhode Island. I spent approximately $1 million in 2012 for Congress and a few hundred dollars for state treasurer in 2018. Both times I got 35 percent of the vote. John Loughlin in 2010 ran the best race I have seen by a Republican for Congress and Robert Lancia would do well to consult with him.”



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