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We gave the Democratic candidates yearbook superlatives

Top row, from left: Amy Klobuchar, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Bottom row, from left: Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and Pete Buttigieg.Globe Staff Illustrations; Getty Photos

While taking on the somber role of interviewing Democratic primary candidates based on substance and character, the Globe editorial board also had some fun reflecting on what superlatives we’d award each candidate we met (and also those we didn’t meet) if they were in our high school yearbooks.

Bernie Sanders

Most likely to have a jam band perform at the Democratic National Convention.

Elizabeth Warren

Most likely to already have a plan when her friends ask her if she has plans.

Pete Buttigieg

Most likely to charm someone’s grandfather at a seder.

Amy Klobuchar

Most likely to comb through policy papers on her way to get a salad.


Deval Patrick

Most likely to say "I wasn’t late for the 2020 race; I was just early for 2024.”

Andrew Yang

Most likely to go out for a beer with you — especially if it’s trivia night.

Tom Steyer

Most likely to overstay his welcome at a dinner party while wearing that snazzy red plaid tie.

Michael Bennet

Most likely to play for the Patriots. Oh, wait: that’s Michael Bennett.

Michael Bloomberg

Most likely to be praying for a brokered convention.

Tulsi Gabbard

Most likely to become a Republican.

Joe Biden

Most likely to retire in South Carolina.

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