Red Sox starting pitcher Martín Pérez hasn’t been shy about learning things as the newest member of the team’s rotation, recently discussing his spring training tutelage at the hands of Pedro Martinez.

And amid the team’s stint in Florida, Pérez’s teammates spent a little time teaching him about one of the off-the-field effects of playing in Boston: the perils of driving in the city.

Between recent workouts at the team’s Fenway South complex, starting pitchers Chris Sale and Eduardo Rodríguez filled in their new teammate about the “tiny” streets and aggressive drivers in Boston, who, in Sale’s words, will “literally" run into you while you’re parallel parked. The exchange was captured by team cameras as a part of “Red Sox: All-Access” on YouTube.


Rodríguez and Sale were discussing cars while standing next to a seated Pérez and Sale mentioned that he doesn’t like to drive big cars in Boston despite owning larger vehicles. He said he bought an Audi just for driving in Boston.

“Hard to drive up there,” Rodríguez agreed.

Sale then jumped in with a few warnings for Pérez.

“It gets tough,” he said. "The roads are all tiny. ... When you parallel park and people literally just, like, run into you and they’re like, ‘eh whatever,’ "

Watch the entire clip below:

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