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Superheroes for Super Tuesday

Cartoonist Steve Brodner gives the current Democratic candidates superhero alter-egos — and a nemesis or two — for Super Tuesday.

Animated gifs by Kayleigh Waters.


Elizabeth Warren. A star in her own right, occasionally linked to a larger comic’s franchise.

Steve Brodner

The Human Torch:

Joe Biden. He regularly engulfs his body in flames, yelling, “Flame on!”

Steve Brodner

Captain Marvel:

Bernie Sanders. Thought to be the strongest and most progressive superhero in the Marvel Universe.

Steve Brodner

The Rocketeer:

Michael Bloomberg. A man who flies around in a jetpack wearing a retro costume.

Steve Brodner


Hell Boy:

Donald Trump. A hybrid demon, Hellboy was summoned from Hell to Earth as a baby by Nazi occultists.

Steve Brodner

The Shadow:

Vladimir Putin. He operates in the dark, trying to cloud people’s minds.

Steve Brodner