Before Elizabeth Warren entered politics, she spent nearly two decades as a professor at Harvard Law School, imparting her extensive knowledge of bankruptcy and commercial law to hundreds of young legal minds.

And on Thursday, after she announced her withdrawal from the race to become the Democratic nominee for president, students at the Ivy League school expressed their gratitude for the Massachusetts senator’s bid by writing encouraging messages on Post-it notes and putting them around a portrait of her that hangs in a campus building.

Some of the messages read: “Voting for you was the easiest vote I ever cast! Thank you for inspiring me!” and “You inspired me to come to HLS. Thank you," and “Don’t give up. We are with you!”


“It may take longer than we thought but I pinky promise with all my heart that we’ll do it," another note read, referencing Warren’s campaign trail practice of wrapping her pinky around a little girl’s and reciting: “I’m running for president because that’s what girls do.”

The black-and-white image of Warren is one of more than 180 portraits of past and present tenured law professors hanging on the first and second floors of Wasserstein Hall, according to the university.

Warren was known to be a tough but fair professor who strived to challenge her students in the classroom and connect with them outside of it, inviting them to brunch at her home, bringing her dog to office hours so students could let off steam, and responding to their questions with lengthy, encouraging emails.

The senator told the Globe she made the decision to drop out of the race Wednesday after a disappointing Super Tuesday performance in which she trailed rivals Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in all 14 contests, including a humbling third place in Massachusetts. She announced the end of her candidacy Thursday outside her Cambridge home where she said she was withholding an endorsement of either Sanders or Biden for the time being.


Previous Globe coverage was used in this report.

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