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If Ryan Tannehill does not return, Titans’ A.J. Brown said it would be ‘insane’ to play with Tom Brady

As the Tom Brady speculation continues, Brown wouldn’t mind him suiting up for the Titans.

A.J. Brown would love the chance tp catch passes from Tom Brady.David Richard/Associated Press

“Who wouldn’t want to play with Tom Brady?”

For Titans wide receiver AJ Brown, it’s a no-brainer. While he’d like to continue playing with quarterback Ryan Tannehill — whose contract is expiring — he would be pleased with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as his possible replacement.

“Of course we would want Ryan [Tannehill] back,” Brown said on Sirius XM NFL Radio. “I got chemistry with him already, so going into year two, it’ll grow more. But, unfortunately, if things don’t go as planned and we get Tom [Brady] or whatever, who wouldn’t want to play with Tom Brady? I’m just going to be honest.”


A.J. Brown had 52 catches for Tennessee last season.Ron Schwane/Associated Press

Brown said he would be eager to learn from Brady one day, which could help him as a young wide receiver. He had an impressive rookie season, finishing with 52 catches for 1,051 yards and eight touchdowns, and he said it would be nice to know sooner rather than later who his quarterback will be for next season.

“[Brady] knows how to do it — he’s won Super Bowls and I really want to be around him, even if I don’t play with him, I just want to have a conversation with him, try to pick his brain to see how he does things. But, if we’re fortunate enough to get Tom Brady this year, that would be insane. Regardless of whoever we get, I just want them to kind of hurry up so I can know who my quarterback will be.”

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