WORCESTER, Mass. — The lawyer for a Massachusetts man convicted of running a large-scale marijuana growing operation out of the family plumbing business wants the verdicts vacated because his client has died.

Charles Laverty, who died from cancer at age 63 on Feb. 27, was an owner of Chuck Laverty & Son Inc.

Laverty and his son, Thomas, 39, were found guilty of conspiring to cultivate more than 100 marijuana plants, conspiracy to launder money, and cultivating marijuana and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute at a federal trial in January. They were scheduled to be sentenced on May 19.

Authorities discovered about $6 million worth of pot inside a Clinton warehouse attached to the younger Laverty's home in 2017.


The elder Laverty’s attorney, Peter Ettenberg, filed a motion to vacate Tuesday, according to Masslive.com.

Ettenberg said the conviction should be vacated because the elder Laverty never had the opportunity to appeal the conviction.

“It is sad that Chuck had to spend the last month of his life on trial defending this case, being put into custody for two weeks and then, after a getting released by a compassionate judge, dying within a week,” Ettenberg said.