Patrice O'Neil, pictured in 2011.
Patrice O'Neil, pictured in 2011.Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Some dark comedy recommendations, with an abundance of trigger warnings

Marc Maron, “End Times Fun” (Netflix, 2020)

An epic, totally improper closing segment addresses the last day of planet Earth.

George Carlin, “You Are All Diseased” (HBO, 1999)

Even some diehard fans were uncomfortable with the quintessential comedian’s late-career cynicism.

Doug Stanhope, “Beer Hall Putsch” (Netflix, 2013; available on Amazon Prime)

On “Farewell Mother,” he recalls his suffering mom’s planned death. “Don’t worry, this is a fun story!”

Anthony Jeselnik, “Thoughts and Prayers” (Netflix, 2015)

“You did not just say that!” If that’s the audience reaction, he said in one interview about this special, that, to him, is just as good as a laugh.


Sarah Silverman, “Jesus Is Magic” (2005)

Includes her dimpled sing-along about the elderly, “You’re Gonna Die Soon”: “It’s not cold in here, you’re just dying!”

Patrice O’Neal, “Elephant in the Room” (Comedy Central, 2011)

At 41, the late Boston native joked about Black people and high blood pressure, and his own life expectancy.

Greg Giraldo, “Good Day to Cross a River” (Comedy Central Records, 2006)

One of the best to do it muses on the terrors of mad cow disease, monkeypox, bird flu, and “turtle cooties.”

Tig Notaro, “Live: Deluxe Edition” (Secretly Canadian, 2013)

“Hello, I have cancer.”

Gary Gulman, “The Great Depresh” (HBO, 2019)

Another instant classic written around a theme that had no business being funny.

“The Last Man on Earth” (Fox, 2015-18)

Starring Will Forte, a silly show about a deadly virus. There’s still time to revisit this little gem . . . we think.