RYAN CAPRIO: 25 / clinical research specialist

What makes him a catch: He loves cooking, gardening, and grows his own red peppers

First thing people notice in his home: His Kegerator and signed Tom Brady jersey

CHELSEY OPALENIK: 23 / health care recruiter

Her interests: Travel, cooking, Boston sports

Her perfect mate: Would be president of a nonprofit



Ryan I was relaxed and in a great mood. I went to a home-brew supply store earlier in the day, so I whipped up a batch of beer.

Chelsey I had a drink to calm my nerves before hopping into my Uber.


Ryan Chelsey was escorted to our table. She had the warmest smile and friendliest-looking eyes, so I knew we would get along.

Chelsey He was cute. He had a great smile, and a very friendly and warm presence right off the bat. He also was dressed well and looked genuinely happy to be there.


Ryan We both grew up around Massachusetts and stayed here for school. We talked about our careers in health care and our family. We discovered that we had a lot in common and were a good match.

Chelsey We both enjoy exploring restaurants, bars, and breweries and also both love traveling. We realized we were both at the casino the prior weekend around the same time.

Ryan She mentioned she saw [Celtics player] Jayson Tatum at the casino (knowing what he looks like definitely proves her fandom). We both seem to be avid travelers; I studied abroad in Australia and she studied in Greece. We both love good food — her dad is actually a chef.

Chelsey I had the Ravioli con Funghi, an amazing truffle and mushroom pasta dish. He had Spaghetti con Vongole. Everything was delicious.


Ryan We shared Mamma Rosalie’s Meatballs, figuring that since they were described as “award-winning Boston’s best meatballs” we couldn’t miss out.

Chelsey He was very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable with him.

Ryan Chelsey is definitely a superstar in the making. It was great hearing what she is passionate about and how she wants to make a positive impact within the world.

Chelsey The conversation flowed. I did not feel any romantic connection, but he is a very genuine guy.


Ryan We went next door to have martinis at Modern Underground. Chelsey mentioned it and I was fully on board. I felt like we still had a lot to talk about.

Chelsey I love it down there and he had never been, so I suggested we take a peek. I had an espresso martini and he had a Cinnamon Toast Crunch martini.

Ryan We parted with a light hug and kiss after already making sure to have each other’s numbers.

Chelsey He did give me a quick kiss goodnight.


Ryan We said we would be down to hang out again. If nothing comes from it, I feel like we would be good friends.

Chelsey I would hang out again as friends, we got along very well.


Ryan / A

Chelsey / A


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