As terrible as things are for everyone right now with the illness, fear, and social isolation going on, I feel the need to give a true shout-out to the bedside health care workers. As everyone else in the world is practicing social distancing and many are working from home, and as schools, day care, and restaurants are closing, these health care providers are going to work as usual when things are not usual at all.

They are fighting this battle at the bedside with inadequate protective gear and are terrified of the risk to themselves and their families. When I expressed my fear, even anger, to my son, a nurse with two young children who is working on a COVID-19 floor, he replied that although he is very afraid, he sincerely wants to be a part of the solution.


I am so proud of him and grateful to all those who are out there on the front lines making this sacrifice. I hope and pray that there will soon be more adequate protective gear, increased pay and incentives, and possibly some food allowances to ease the burden for these brave souls.

Denise Gallagher


The writer is a retired registered nurse.