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Collin McHugh on playing in front of Red Sox fans: ‘It’s a dream of any baseball player’

Collin McHugh agreed to a one-year contract with the Red Sox on March 4.Jim Mone/Associated Press

Righthander Collin McHugh, signed by the Red Sox earlier this month, took some time Monday to answer questions from fans on the club’s Twitter account. Among other things, he was asked about his favorite team and player growing up, his favorite ballpark, and what he’s most looking forward to playing for the Red Sox.

Here’s what we learned:

▪ He has a sense of humor. When asked what he was most looking forward to about playing with the Red Sox, he responded, “Getting to wear red. I think I look good in red.”

McHugh then offered a more serious response. “In reality, getting to play in front of Sox fans. It’s a dream of any baseball player.”


▪ He’s spending his time much like the rest of us these days. Asked what he is doing during the coronavirus self-isolating period, he said he was home in Atlanta and eating all of his meals there.

“My wife is a really good cook," he said. "Yesterday I got homemade pizza and we had homemade chicken noodle soup the other day. I’m gonna try my hand at chicken pot pie.”

▪ Seattle’s T-Mobile Park is his favorite ballpark to play in.

“I had a really great debut there when I was with the Astros," he said. "It’s big and it’s got the roof. Hard to give up homers there.”

▪ He grew up a Braves fan.

“I lived in Atlanta and they were really good for a long time," he said. "Growing up in Atlanta in the ’90s you just assumed your team was going to win. My favorite player was John Smoltz.”

▪ He has his own podcast, “The Twelve Six.” He listed Smoltz and ESPN columnist Jeff Passan as his favorite guests, and mentioned that David Ortiz would be a dream guest. (“He’s an all-time favorite of mine.”)


▪ He enjoys playing at Fenway Park.

“My kid loves the fact that Fenway is all green,” he said. "He’s very dedicated to green.

“My favorite part is how close the fans are. It feels like you could be playing a game in 1920.”

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