Framingham community members have an opportunity to help inform future generations about how their city was affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Framingham History Center is inviting people who live or work in Framingham to contribute to a community digital archive it is compiling on the health crisis.

The center created a Google Sheets template that any community member can use to record daily journal entries for the duration of the epidemic and its aftermath, according to Annie Murphy, the center’s executive director.

Participants are asked to record snapshots of their daily lives during this period, and what they see taking place in their neighborhood, city, and beyond, including how they and their family members, friends, and neighbors are responding to the emergency. Contributors also can submit photos to the archive.


Stacen Goldman, a curator with the center, came up with the idea for the archive and is overseeing the initiative. “This digital journal will create a primary source that can be used by future generations to learn about this crisis from your unique perspective,” the center said in an announcement of the initiative. To initiate a journal, go to the center’s website, framinghamhistory.org.

“I hope that this archive will be available to inform future generations but I also hope that the process of creating journals and submitting photos helps people feel heard and seen,” Goldman said, “because it’s such an important thing during such a time of trouble as we are going through now.”

Established in 1888 as the Framingham Natural History and Historical Society, the center offers a variety of public events, lectures, exhibitions, and tours related to Framingham’s history. It also maintains an extensive collection of documents and artifacts. In addition to the digital archive initiative, the center has created some online history-related activities to engage students while they are home due to the pandemic, and some staff recommendations for history-related books and movies for all community members to enjoy.


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