These times call for innovative approaches. I have been rewarded by the opportunity to connect with my patients through telehealth. The joy I have experienced seeing my patients’ faces on the computer when they see me and they say, “My doctor!” has been indescribable. This has given my patients a sense of connection and a reassurance that I will not abandon them.

Parents have appreciated being able to connect with us, knowing that we are there for them, not needing to leave their homes, and the accessibility we have provided. Parents also have appreciated guidance regarding the importance of keeping a schedule, one that encourages activities that promote creativity, responsibility, courage, and gratitude — and of incorporating quality time with their children.


The current situation is another reminder of why I went into pediatrics: to devote my life to promoting the health of children, empowering the younger generation to be all that they were made to be, and building the family, no matter the circumstances.

Dr. Shirley González