Coronavirus | High schools

Will the MIAA be able to salvage high school spring seasons, tournaments?

Governor Baker is keeping schools closed through May 4, creating uncertainty.

A potential start date for an already delayed spring sports season was pushed back Wednesday when Governor Charlie Baker announced that schools would remain closed until May 4 because of the COVID-19 crisis.

The MIAA’s Tournament Management Committee had drafted preliminary plans for a shortened regular season, plus a tournament, but contingent on a start date of April 27. But the proposal had not yet been voted on by the association’s Board of Directors.

The board, according to MIAA director of communications Tara Bennett, will likely have a “virtual" meeting early next week. A statement is expected Thursday.

The TMC voted, 16-0, to allow teams to play regular-season games after seven days of practice time following an April 27 resumption, but also recommended to the board, by a vote of 13-3, that if the season began after, there would be no postseason.


With the spring season unable to extend beyond a June 20 deadline, a five-week regular season may be the best, and only option.

“Playing a league schedule, in a five-week season, and playing for a league title could be the best-case scenario,” said Burlington AD Shaun Hart, a TMC member. “Almost all of May, and June, it gets the kids playing.

“We just had the biggest vote [on a statewide tournament] in the history of the MIAA," Hart added, "and now, in essence, we just cancelled the spring [tournament] season.”